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Benefits of Membership


An online directory of member/therapists which the general public can access and search by name or area.

Job and work opportunities are posted on the member's noticeboard. Many teams and clinics will only use ISRM trained therapists because they know the high quality of our therapists. They can advertise these at no cost.

Opportunities to work at sports events like the London Marathon & Triathlon as well as other events all over the country.

Newsletters both online and colour magazines.

Email updates and information.

Information about Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses across the country.

Forums and conferences.

Technical and professional advice from our team of experts.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: ISRM has a Block policy with H & L Balens which fully covers the scope of practice for therapists working in the clinical Sport & Remedial massage environment. For more information: Telephone 01684 893006 or email info@balen.co.uk

Use of ISRM logo: Full members can use the ISRM logo to promote their clinical work and put the letters “MISRM” after their name.

CNHC Registration: Members can register with CNHC directly through ISRM and do not have to pay the initial registration fee (only the annual fee). Because the ISRM minimum standard meets all the CNHC criteria, members are eligible to register on both the “Massage” register and/or the “Sport and Remedial Therapy” register.