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The Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage

ISRM's main objectives are:

  • To unite independent schools under a single, externally validated BTEC qualification in Sport & Remedial Massage, ensuring quality of training
  • To represent therapists who employ a range of assessment and remedial techniques to effectively treat a variety of soft tissue conditions
  • To implement research projects for the greater understanding and development of the validity of Sport & Remedial Massage 

The Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage (ISRM) was formed by Mel Cash (Head of LSSM). Although only recently established the origins of the Institute go back to 1989 when the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) set up the first externally validated qualification in Sport & Remedial Massage: a qualification that is now the benchmark for quality training in this sector of complementary healthcare. It is this very well established training programme with its proven verification process that is the foundation on which the ISRM is now built.

Giving Remedial Massage Therapists a Voice.

Many massage therapists employ a range of additional assessment and remedial techniques to effectively and quickly treat a wide range of conditions occurring in their client's, both sports and non sportspeople, providing both an independent remedial massage service, and working with other health care professionals as appropriate to their clients need. The ISRM has been created to give these remedial massage therapists a voice and identity within the rapidly growing massage profession.   We aim to give formal recognition to those therapists who have been trained to effectively assess clients independently, and use a range of remedial techniques to assist their recovery.

Further details of aims and objectives can be accessed under "about the ISRM".