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Aims and Objectives

To unite independent schools under a single, externally validated Sport & Remedial Massage qualification, ensuring quality of training.  ISRM represents therapists who employ a range of assessment and remedial techniques to effectively treat a variety of soft tissue conditions. They work with athletes and non-athletes, independently or with other health care professionals.


Achieving a consistently high standard of training across all schools under the guidelines of our external verifiers, BTEC/Edexcel.

Promote and develop a programme of Continual Professional Development.

Monitor the legislative developments in complementary medicine, education and training and keep members informed of these developments and the actions ISRM may consider taking.


Maintain an online register of therapist, available to the general public. This will be linked with the websites of all ISRM schools giving it wider access.

Promote and develop work opportunities with other sport and medical bodies.

Negotiate the lowest rates with the best cover for Professional Indemnity Insurance for its members.

Obtain discounts for other products and services for its members.