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The Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage

ISRM's main objectives are:

  • To unite independent schools under a single, externally validated Sport & Remedial Massage qualification, ensuring quality of training
  • To represent therapists who employ a range of assessment and remedial techniques to effectively treat a variety of soft tissue conditions
  • To implement research projects for the greater understanding and development of the validity of Sport & Remedial Massage 

The Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage (ISRM) has been formed by Mel Cash (Head of LSSM). Although newly established, the origins of the Institute go back to 1989 when the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) set up the first externally validated qualification in Sport & Remedial Massage: a qualification that is now the benchmark for quality training in this sector of complementary healthcare. It is this very well established training programme with its proven verification process that is the foundation on which the ISRM is now built.

Giving Remedial Massage Therapists a Voice...

Many sports massage practitioners employ a range of additional assessment and remedial techniques to effectively and quickly treat a wide range of conditions occurring in their client's, both sports and non sportspeople, providing both an independent remedial massage service, and working with other health care professionals as appropriate to their clients need. The ISRM has been created to give these remedial massage therapists a voice and identity within the rapidly growing sports massage profession.   We aim to give formal recognition to those therapists who have been trained to effectively assess clients independently, and use a range of remedial techniques to assist their recovery.

  Full Associate Affiliate Student
Website register
Access to Jobs
Members Forum
Online Support
Events Work
Use of ISRM Logo
Use of Schools Logo

* Must be member of an appropriate professional body like SMA or BRCP, with their insurance.
**Students are eligible to work at events after their first mid-course assessment.
To be insured on the ISRM block policy you must also be a full member of ISRM.
You can be a full member of ISRM with other appropriate insurance.

Insurance: Available through H & L Balen, Telephone 01684 893006 or email info@balen.co.uk

Therapist Register: Along with your basic details, you can submit areas in which you prefer to work in, there is a section where you can add personal text.

Potential clients who log on to any of the school’s websites will be linked into this central ISRM register.

Job Opportunities: These will be advertised in a ‘members only’ section of the website.

Newsletters: Three newsletters a year with regular email updates in between.

Members Forum: ISRM will hold two Forums a year, these will be open to full members only. Members will be able to propose any relevant issues they would like to have discussed at the forum.

On-line Support: Full members and students can email for clinical and professional advice from the Institute’s network of experts.

Event work: As well as voluntary work, there is some paid event work available. Experienced therapists are needed to supervise students, these are paid opportunities.

Use of ISRM logo:
Full members only

Letters after name:




Use of your school logo:
Full & Assoc. members

Letters after name: 
i.e. LSSM (Dip)


New Diplomas: On taking up full membership, all qualified therapist will receive a new Diploma from the ISRM showing the school they trained with and when they qualified.

Acceptable titles for ISRM members

Titles not acceptable

Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist (or Practitioner)
Sports Massage Therapist (or Practitioner)
Remedial Massage Therapist (or Practitioner)

Physical Therapist
Sports Therapist
Remedial Therapist

First Aid: A minimum, one-day ‘Appointed Person’ First Aid qualification will be required.

CPD: Will be required from 2007. There will be a sliding scale of points required according to the number of year’s experience. Newly qualified therapists will be required to complete more workshops during their first few years in clinical practice, then less as their career develops. 

Work Opportunities: The Institute will contact all major sports bodies outlining the scope of practice and promoting the level of skill available from ISRM therapists. Wherever jobs are advertised which are considered suitable for ISRM members, these advertisers will be contacted in the same way.

Online facilities: As well as a members forum and a general open notice-board, ISRM will have an online database allowing members to change personal details, book CPD courses and renew membership etc.

Website: The Institutes website will be linked together with the websites of all the associated schools.

The latest information on job opportunities, event work, CPD courses etc.

Telephone enquiries: All telephone enquiries can be made through the member’s original school.
Most enquiries can be dealt with here, but if not, they will be referred on to the right person. 
Written enquiries: 28 Station Parade, London NW2 4NX
Email enquiries: Mel Cash: mel@theisrm.com 


If you are or have been a diploma course
student at an ISRM Validated school
your email address may be in our database

Try the password reminder to check

"If you are booked onto an ISRM Diploma course you will automatically get 1 year's student membership when
your course starts. Please do not apply here as this will duplicate your record. Thanks."

If you want to join the ISRM please contact us